Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Green Book on Seiyunchin

According to the 2015 edition "Gojuryu Karatedo" published by Sanshodo and authorized by the Japan Karatedo Federation Goju-kai, while "Seiyunchin" in the past was written with the kanji characters 征遠戦 and 制引戦, today it is written as 制引鎮. The book goes on to note that it is the only kata in Gojuryu that does not contain any kicks. As it features the key stances of shikodachi, nekoashidachi and sanchindachi, it carries great significance for basic training. Moreover, the kuriuke block at the close of the kata is unique to Gojuryu: its circular countering exemplifying the "soft" aspect of the style, while the "gouging" impact of the elbow strike demonstrates the "hard" side. The book concludes that "Seiyunchin is an exquisite Kata that combines techniques that are at times powerful...and at other times tenacious, soft and flowing."

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