Sunday, 25 October 2015

Shibuya Tournament Results

Members of the Gojuryu Karatedo Yoyogi Ryushinkan Dojo participated in the Shibuya Ward Autumn Karate Tournament on October 25 in Hatagaya, Tokyo, and took first place in two categories of kata. Takahashi-san was the winner in the women's open yukyu (non-dan) grade division, while Kamano-san took first place in the corresponding men's category. 

The tournament has kata and kumite competitions, and is open to all dojos in the ward, meaning that competition is tough. The results demonstrate the consistently high level of kata that is maintained at Ryushinkan. Congratulations to them and everyone who took part.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events for the rest of the year include:
  • The Shibuya Ward Autumn Karate Tournament on October 25, as detailed in a previous post;
  • A Kata Seminar on November 22 (Kanto Regional Kata Seminar), participation at which is an essential requirement for anyone intending to take the Gojukai Dan grading examinations on December 6;
  • The Tokyo Senior Open Karate Tournament at Shinjuku Cosmic Center in Takadanobaba on November 29;
  • The Kanto Regional Gojukai Tournament also on November 29 at Joso City in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Traditional Okinawan Training in Sheffield

Here is some footage from Norton Dojo in Sheffield in the UK. They are practicing traditional Gojuryu, and have some interesting and useful approaches to group training. Additionally, there are clear demonstrations of how to practice randori, the semi-full-contact sparring required for black-belt grading. Finally, there are many applications from kata which are introduced during free sparing and yakusoku ippon kumite, as well as some sound overall advice. There is only one "Gojuryu," but many ways to practice, and we can all learn beneficial things from each other's training methods and philosophies.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Kake Uke

Based on identical principles to the mid-level side block, the kake uke (hook block) has the hand opened and the wrist bent so that the palm is almost at right angles to the direction the arm is pointing. Moreover, the hand is turned outwards, so that the fingers point midway between the vertical and horizontal. The opponent's strike is "hooked" with the fleshy part of the hand below the little finger and the edge of the wrist. As the block is executed (usually while moving, for example here shown in sanchin dachi), the arm (especially the elbow) is brought both downwards and inwards, drawing in and disrupting the opponent's momentum. This technique is found in the kata Gekisai Daini and Shisochin.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Shibuya Tournament Oct 25

The 2015 Shibuya Ward Autumn Karate Tournament will be held on Sunday, October 25. The tournament has kata and kumite competitions, with a total of 18 categories for kumite and 15 for kata, according to age, sex and rank. 

The opening ceremony is at 9:30 and competition begins at 10:00. The Venue is: Shibuya Sports Center at 1-40-18 Nishi Hara, Shibuya-ku in Tokyo. The nearest stations are Hatagaya and Yoyogi Uehara.