Monday, 24 October 2016

2016 Goju-Kai Kata Seminar

The fourth "2016 All Japan Karatedo Goju-Kai Association Kanto Regional Kata Seminar" will be held on Sunday, November 20 from 10:00 to 16:30 at Sugamo Gymnasium in Tokyo. The address is 3-8-7 Sugamo, Toshima Ward, Tokyo 170-0002 and registration is from 09:30. The kata to be taught will be SanchinTensho and the Kaishu kata. The seminar is intended as part of the preparations for upcoming black belt testing, and is a great way for students to ensure a more thorough understanding of kata

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Saifa, written in Japanese as 砕破, which can be interpreted as  "smash and tear" or "crush and break," is the first advanced Gojuryu kata students learn after Gekisai Dai ichi and Gekisai Dai Ni. It contains quick whipping motions, hammerfists, back fist strikes, double punches and sweeps. It emphasizes moving off-line from an opponent's main force, while simultaneously closing distance and exploding through them. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

39th Kanto Area Karatedo Tournament

The 39th Kanto Area Karatedo Tournament will be held at Koshigaya General Gymnasium on 13 November 2016.  
The address is 2-33 Mashibayasi, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama Prefecture. The event opens at 09:00 and the competition proper starts at 09:45. 
The tournament features 14 categories of kumite and 9 categories of kata, ranging from children's events to an over 40s senior division for men and women.
There is also a team kumite competition, with each team featuring three members and up to two teams per entering organization (dojo, sports club, etc).