Monday, 7 December 2015

2015 Gojukai Black Belt Examinations

The children's testing on December 6th

On Sunday, December 6, the 2015 Gojukai Black Belt Examinations were held at the newly opened Nihon Karatedo Kaikan in Koto Ward, Tokyo. The testing took place from 10:00 to 12:30, with approximately 40 persons being examined. The examinations for each grade level consisted of the following designated kata plus sessions of free sparring with other participants taking the test:

1st Dan:  Sanchin, Gekisai 1 or 2, Saifa
2nd Dan: Sanchin, Tensho, Seiyunchin
3rd Dan:  Sanchin, Tensho, Sanseiru
4th Dan:  Sanchin, Tensho, Shisochin
5th Dan:  Sanchin, Tensho, Seipai

Five members of Gojuryu Karatedo Yoyogi Ryushinkan took the test and passed. Two for 1st Dan, two for 2nd Dan, and one for 3rd Dan. Congratulations!

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