Monday, 23 November 2015

Kanto Seminar

Iwakawa-Sensei teaches the higher Dan grades
The third and final "2015 All Japan Karatedo Goju-Kai Association Kanto Regional Kata Seminar" took place on November 22 at the Minami Nagasaki Sports Center in Tokyo. Senior instructors of Goju-Kai were on hand to offer their advice and guidance. 
The primary purpose of the seminar is to prepare participants for the upcoming black-belt grading examinations to be held in the area on December 6.
As many practitioners train without the benefit of highly experienced and/or knowledgeable instructors, and as the officially recognized guidelines for the "correct" performance of kata are continually refined, the seminars represent an excellent opportunity for all attending to confirm, update and further their understanding of karate.

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