Friday, 5 June 2015

The Green Book

This highly informative book is published by the Japan Karatedo Federation Goju-kai, and entitled simply 剛柔流空手道 ("Gojuryu Karatedo"). Many of the introductory sections are accompanied by English translations, while 212 of the 295 pages detail with photos and feet diagrams each move, stance and application of the twelve kata of Gojuryu. Aragaki Kancho, head of the Gojuryu Karatedo Yoyogi Ryushinkan Dojo, was involved in the making of the book in an advisory capacity.

In one of the introductory sections, it is stated that the key kata of Sanchin and Tensho are designed to help us work on developing Ki (), Soku () and Tai () - respectively, inner energy, breathing and body strength, fundamental features of Gojuryu karate. The book, though not widely available, can be obtained from some of Shureido's outlets. 

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